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USA here we come!


Excited to share with you our recent summer family vacation.

After almost 5yrs since we traveled from “the land of milk and honey”,  my husband and I finally decided to spend one month to take the kids on a summer/winter adventure combined. We’ll be eating pizza, burger, steak and fries. Hello weight gain!

So I booked our tickets from the travel expo to get a good deal for the four of us. And we start planning itineraries and schedule with our family and relatives abroad. We will be squeezing all activities for 28 days. All set and we are ready to go.

We are flying EVA Air via Taipei. They made our long haul flight easy and conveniently. With one kid on my left and another on the side, I prepared myself for one really tough almost 24hrs on and off flight.
Thank you EVA Air for the activities starting from the boarding period. You saved me and my husband from a stressful journey. image.jpeg

And finally we arrived at our first destination, San Francisco!

I’ll be posting soon our next stop, Lake Tahoe! “On the wings of love!”



Im Karen Tañada-Reyes happily married with two boys Cid and Codi. I'm a work from home mom and i'll be sharing with you our family's travelling and crafting stories. Sometimes messing up in our kitchen cooking. Im a believer of faith and luck will follows if you work for it. Life is all about family, you live, laugh and love. Travel with me and I'll try to bring you on the best places as much as I want. Happy reading!

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